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A Comprehensive Guide to Mini Motos and Pit Bikes

For all those who are new to the world of mini motos & pit bikes, a pit bike is actually a small bike, which was originally used for traveling between the pits built on the race track. Today, they have gained widespread popularity as easy to ride bikes that are great fun, and are mostly used during racing. Pit bikes first appeared on the scene in the 70s and went through various improvements, and today we have highly versatile bikes of today. Pit bikes are great for the areas with limited space. Aside from that, these bikes are much cheaper than full size bikes available on the market.

Mini motos & pit bikes vary in specifications and size, and may range between 4 HP to 20 HP. Their two stroke versiosn are highly revving and allow for quick acceleration, which easily makes up for their lack of speed. However, due to their lack of top speed these bikes are not well suited for road use. They have exceptionally small frame and low power output, which makes them best for kids interested in riding bikes. The simplicity, acceleration, and their low cost are the factors that make these bikes so popular and a fun to ride.

If you want, you can easily customize your pit bike in the same way as other people do to their bikes. You can easily add few parts to enhance their looks and to boost their performance. You can purchase a colored muffler for enhancing your bike’s looks for just few dollars. You can even add a BBR style exhaust, or a stainless steel exhaust for enhancing its performance. You can also buy efficient carburetors and fuel systems for mini motos & pit bikes for improving the bike efficiency. Many people even add alloy wheels to their pit bikes. Definitely, pit bikes and diet bikes are gaining widespread popularity and are here to stay for long to provide true adventure on two wheels.

When deciding on which bike to buy, it is necessary to ask what you intend to use the bike for, for instance, fun days, serious racing, or for kids, etc. Mostly, pit bikes differ on the basis of power they offer, and with more power, the cost of bike goes on increasing. Expensive mini motos & pit bikes also have high quality resilient parts which means that you can ride it harder than cheap bikes.

A newly purchased pit bike comes with an instruction manual from its manufacturer, so its important to pay attention to all its startup procedures, maintenance, and run in checks. All these features can ensure that bike continues to retain top power level and reliability. Mini bikes run on fuel mixture (1 part oil and 25 parts fuel) to ensure that engine is not damaged. Some parts of bike can easily wear out, so you should first become familiar with all its parts and their operation and then enjoy your ride. Fortunately, most of the spares and parts of pit bikes are much cheaper than full sized bikes.

When it comes to mini nitro rc cars, there is are a good number about being at the scale of 1:16 of normal cars we drive each day, with the speeds these nitro mini’s can get to being as fast as a road car. ACME are a well known brand that produce the NB16 for example which is a mini nitro buggy with the same powerful performance than its larger brothers and sisters but at a much smaller scale.

This rc vehicle for example still comes with oil filled shock absorbers which are adjustable, front and rear sway bar system, 4WD shaft driven system and a powerful GO .06 engine with this nitro coming fully built and ready to run in before racing.

Nitro RC’s are a niche hobby in itself that requires nitro fuel for powering the huge range of cars, buggies and trucks around the world. When you get a mini nitro, its the same fuel and process to get them up and running, which means using a running in procedure to prepare the engine and other parts ready for fuel to be pumped round without it stalling.

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